This wiki has SHUT DOWN. sorry for any inconveniance caused, but thats life.

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Stop hand STOP! Hammer Time!

This article is describing the effects of Hammer Time in relation to the timezones. If you're looking to hiring hammers for a period of time, please visit this farmer. Hammer Time should not be confused with Chico Time.

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Real Oddopedia News

4.1.08- First article!
Life, the first REAL article!
The logo has been announced and it will be a hammer!
The admins forgot all about this site! SORRY!
The first featured article-Hammertime!
1.2.08-Ryan for sysop
Ryan is here!! And he's a sysop (the fancy git)
18.2.08-Bye Jojo Oddopedia...
And re-welcome Jojo Randomise! Jojo Oddopedia is useless so Jojo Randomise (The guy behind him) will take over.
10.7.08-Jojo Randomise gets a life!
Jojo Randomise is leaving oddopedia.

Just to be replaced with The Almighty Cheesecake!

Odd news


Kate and my articles Phyllis Hyman and Alicia Keys

Kate and my articles Phyllis Hyman and Alicia Keys

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