Something tells me you are lookin for information about a website You are already looking at!

Oddopedia is...Odd!! (GASP)

Oddopedia is Odd. If you were looking for wikipedia S odd off, Wikipedia is CRAP, NOT ODD

Oddopedia isn't:

Well durrr......Wikipedia is nerdy and CRAP!

  • Uncyclopedia:[2]

It may be simmilar, but Uncyclopedia is more Educated humour, not Oddness.

  • Illogicopedia:[3]

Illogicopedia is Insane, Oddopedia is ODD. The difference between Odd and Insane is that Insane is ygfebfygegrtrgytftyfey, while Odd is Ping pong balls fall easy target to stainless steel hammers.

Like Illogicopedia, Oddopedia ISN'T FUNNY

It is ODD, not funny.