Meet me on the Smoon

~ Tamia on spoofing Phyllis Hyman

Tragic, tragic Moronaaa-aah!

~ Phyllis Hyman on Tamia

WIKIPEDIAPAR - Tamia. She is a real R&B/Soul singer just not a real good one. The real deal is Alicia Keys and Phyllis Hyman (Q.V.). But stop by there just to see how evil Tamia really is.
Tamia's page is the only Wikipedia page that really sucks! ~ Jimbo Wales

The evil singer.

Quote ~ Were you looking for Dick ? - 'cause I sure am! - by Tamia Hill.

Evil evil lol lol. See mirror uncyc for more details of her evil god flyingspaghettiosmonster. She heads the Smoonie Church, the world's worst cult.

Evil Incarnate Edit

Tamia Hill, or simply Tamia, is the world's worst singer. She betrayed the Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster in helping the Ancient of O's ( the Flying SpaghettiOs Monster ) in attempting to seize the FSM's throne. Alicia and Phyllis stopped him and his band of demons, and banished them to the planet Smoon. Tamia started her own church to worship the evil Ancient of O's. Tamia leads even children astray with her wicked cult.

Grant Hill Edit

A BFI fan (Bat Fuck Insane), Grant Hill of the NBA, married Tamia. Even Meg Griffin stopped fantasizing over Grant when he did that.

Other Tamia evils Edit

Tamia is hooked on alcohol and drugs. She has her own dildo room collection. She's always horny for masturbation and shit. Tamia spends her money on expensive liquors and exotic drugs. She smuggled marijuana from Mexico and the Netherlands. Yes even like Meg Griffin, she used hot dogs to carry out her fantasies for basketball players other than Grant Hill. Her ass better get back to Canada and all.

Why does the FSM still tolerate Tamia? Edit

Why does He still tolerate the Unholy Pair (Tamia + the Ancient of O's)? The Ancient of O's is a rebel Archangel who tried to claim the throne of God for himself. The evil of the pair knows no bounds. Only time is preventing their ultimate destruction. This remains a mystery, but it seems that their continued existence is somehow necessary. The boundless love of our God, the Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster, will however make permanent their nonexistence once He does annihilate them. We do extend our prayers out to Him to do this to bring His glorious reign unchallenged by any evil.